Kitesurfing Board Fin Protection

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Universal Design

The latest design comes with a base support to provide improved grip for thinner fins

damaged_kitesurf_bag from kitesurf fin.jpg

Damaged bag? Scratched Car?

Have  you had a fin puncture through a bag?  Has you car been scratched up inside from the fins scraping?

Fins are designed to be sharp.  We have certainly had our experiences with them and we don't always want to have to remove them!

forty1 kitesurfing teal fin

Easy On

Available in teal or orange, they easily fit over your fin.  The material has some natural grip.  We've designed this to accommodate all the fins we have seen.  Not sure if yours will fit?  Then contact us.

kitesurfing fin protector Product_bend.jpg

Durable material

Our fin protectors are made from a durable Silicone material, which makes it durable against chemicals and the elements, essential beach wear!


Pack Contents

Each pack contains:

- 4 protectors, including base support (choice of colour)