Ever turned up to a beautiful lagoon and the wind is just too light for you to ride?

upgrade your existing board so you can!

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What do we love about kitesurfing?

Being able to kite in beautiful lagoons.  What if the wind is light?  Existing hydrofoils have optimised their lift to allow you to clear any chop.  This put them over 1m high, meaning shallow waters are out.  On top of this you need a new board and the materials need to be strong enough so the wings can support the load.  These hydrofoils are amazing at what they do, but what if there is something in between?

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Our dream

Here are Forty1 Kitesurfing, we are interested in developing a hydrofoil that you can attach to your twin tip board, one that is less expensive than existing designs and one you can use in low water.  We may not get a full foiling experience but we do want to get riding at lower winds.  Whilst the first design is for the intermediate rider, we will tailor the design for beginners and advanced riders.  We want to improve the Kitesurfing experience for everyone!