The 3rd wing

We decided we wanted a bit more lift in the middle, hence the 3rd wing you see here.  This now gives a more natural balance to the board, as it provides the lift where you expect it to be.  It also allows us to be a bit more conventional with the foil angle setup.  The longer length and the lack of mounting points in the centre make this more of a challenge, however we have found a workable solution for this


The VeRdict

After a bit of a lull, the wind has come back and we can get on with our testing.  Initially we found the foil would pitch us forward as we travelled, hence the need to change the rear angles.  Initial trials have felt promising.  Within this design we have been through a number of iterations to get a strong clamp system for the middle wing and a couple of different profiles, more of a "version 8.6". Notably smoother in the calmer waters, where it was always initially intended to be used, still a bit too much drag for our liking, so we are spending some time to understand this and looking at ways to reduce this to get the best balance possible.