our Vision

Hi, I'm James, I founded this company early 2017, with my background in Mechanical Engineering and a love of kitesurfing, I wanted to combine these 2 passions to do something great, whilst I may not be able to pull of the greatest of tricks on the water, I can bring new ideas and innovation to the sport, making the sport more accessible, keeping people excited for the sport.  There is now a fantastic team who are helping to develop our business and we would always welcome more!

Our innovative low profile hydrofoil concept is targeted for all Kitesurfers, from beginners to the sport, to advanced riders, the first design for intermediate riders.  Our accessories are designed to make transporting your equipment easier and our clothing is from a sustainable source, the designs reflecting those beautiful moments we associate with riding.  Keep reading for more details!

Our Products

Our flagship project!  We are developing a new low profile hydrofoil concept that you can attach to your twin tip kiteboard.  Follow our progress!

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Going abroad?  Looking for something practical to make your journey easier?  Our kitebag makes travelling a breeze, our fin protectors prevent your fins from cutting into your bag and car upholstery!

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We really want to shout about our love for the sport through these designs, and of course it all helps fund our engineering projects!  Check out our clothing shop, our limited edition designs or our prints

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Local Engineering

We are surrounded by top talent in companies and local universities and we are constantly looking at ways to build off and tap into this wealth of knowledge and skills


Watersports Scene

Always looking for ways to make the sport more accessible so more people can go out riding in more locations 

langstone harbour.JPG


We have some beautiful surroundings, we talk to local environmental agencies to understand the concerns.

Our Expertise

With over 14 years of design and manufacturing experience, we excel at creating plastic and metal components and assemblies, following the entire design process from concept through to manufacture.


Structure Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) helps us design our products to survive the loads they experience.


Fluid Analysis

Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows us to understand the waterflow over our hydrofoil, and optimise the lift vs drag.

3d printing zortrax.JPG


We have the capabilities to print our own prototypes in house, allowing us to perform physical testing on our designs.

Can we help?

Are you a kitesurfer?  Are you looking for a product or device to help improve your life at the beach?  Talk to us!