Easy Roller Travel bag

an easier way to travel!


145cm long, 45 cm wide and 35cm tall, we set the size to accommodate the majority of kitesurfers without feeling too bulky.  It will easily fit 2 boards and 3 kites, holding loads up to 27kg. The Easy Roller itself weighs 5kg where it has been designed as a careful balance between strength and weight. The Easy Roller is your essential travel buddy!


Rugged Design

We've designed this with a careful balance between weight and toughness. Made from 600D Polyester with PVC coating, we have 3 straps on the outside for added strength and support

Easy Roller Travel bag underside.jpg

Front Rollers

We’ve added rollers on the front! These allow you to easily roll the travel bag in the airport even when maxed out at 32kg!

Easy roller travel bag buckle.jpg


Multiple strap mounting points allow you to configure the bag differently for when you are carrying or towing

Easy Roller Travel bag rear rollers.jpg


On the corners and edges you will notice extra protection for the easy roller allowing it to endure the worst the airport handling staff throw at it.



Inside you will find 2 clothing compartments and 1 damp compartment that lets you organise your kit!

Easy Roller Travel Bag
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Easy Roller + Fin Softies Bundle
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