Ever turned up to a beautiful lagoon and the wind is just too light for you to ride? Put off by the Hydrofoil options which are bulky and expensive?

UPGRADE YOUR EXISTING BOARD with the stubby hydrofin!

Our Stubby Hydrofin™ will allow you get out there and have fun in more conditions by allowing you to ride in lighter winds and stay in the shallower waters! We are running demos of the kit, if you’re interested please contact us or keep watching our Facebook and Instagram page for details.

We’d love to hear from you!


Our Design

Here are Forty1 Kitesurfing, we have developed the Hydrofin™ which is:

  • A small portable kit

  • Retrofits onto your existing kiteboard, so you need less kit

  • Similar riding style to your twin tip kiteboard

  • Able to be ridden in shallower water



3 Hydrofins for bi-direction

The board is setup with 3 Hydrofins™, at any one point you would be riding on 2 of the Hydrofins™, the middle one creating the primary lift with a rear one for stability and balance.


Extensive analysis

We have run the analysis to optimise the design performance and reliability. Running fluid analysis allows us to understand the lift and drag of the design. Performing structural analysis allows us to make the design strong enough to withstand whatever you can throw at it.


Towing tank testing

We have also had the opportunity to test the Hydrofin profile and the proximity to the board with the help of Southampton and Solent University