Ever turned up to a beautiful lagoon and the wind is just too light for you to ride?


Our hydrofin design is hydrofoil that is low profile, low cost, for your twin tip, light winds and shallow water.

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Why do we love kitesurfing?

Being able to kite in beautiful lagoons. What if the wind is light? Existing hydrofoils have optimised their lift to allow you to clear any chop. This put them over 1m high, meaning shallow waters are out. On top of this you need a new board and the materials need to be strong enough so the wings can support the load. These hydrofoils are amazing at what they do, but what if there is something in between?


Our Design

Here are Forty1 Kitesurfing, we have developed a hydrofoil that you can attach to your twin tip board, one that is less expensive than existing designs and one you can use in low water. Easy to pack away and transport, our design sits perfectly between the twin tip and hydrofoils currently available. Ride it like a twin tip, ride it like a hydrofoil, ride it your way!


3 Hydrofoils for bi-direction

The board is setup with 3 hydrofoils, the middle one creates most the lift, the rear one provides some additional support with the front foil mostly out of the water. The hydrofin is a hydrofoil setup that attaches to your existing kiteboard and allows you to ride it in both directions and have your weight distributed similar to your twin tip board.

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Less kit, more fun!

No more need for that oversized board, our Hydrofin low profile hydrofoil design quickly attaches to our board, so when the wind drops we’re away. Loving it!


Extensive analysis

We have run the analysis to optimise the design performance and reliability. Running fluid analysis allows us to understand the lift and drag of the design. Performing structural analysis allows us to make the design strong enough to withstand whatever you can throw at it.


We’d love to hear from you

We love this board and we want to get it out there. Find us on the beach for a trial and let us know what you think.