We need your support!


We are a small team, we have not got this far without support from others and we will need the support from others to bring it to market, please get in touch.

1. Talk about our us

The easiest thing we can ask if you talk about us, to friends, family and anyone else you think would be interested in what we do. It’s such a small thing and yet it makes a big difference! Remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook

2. sales support

Think you can help sell what we have? We’d be happy to talk to you about commission based sales.

3. manufacturing partnerships

We’re currently looking at ways to make our innovations and looking for new partnerships. If you love what we do, perhaps you have expertise and willing to lend a hand?

4. Investment

We are passionate about our sport, always want to keep trying new ideas and really enjoy engaging with the wider community when we can. Investment helps us accelerate the process and bring more ideas to the fore. If you are a like minded person and want to get involved, again, please get in touch.