our Vision

Hi, I'm James, I founded this company early 2017, with my background in Mechanical Engineering and a love of kitesurfing, I wanted to combine these 2 passions to do something great, whilst I may not be able to pull of the greatest of tricks on the water, I can bring new ideas and innovation to the sport, making the sport more accessible, keeping people excited for the sport.  There is now a fantastic team with a similar mindset who are helping to develop our business and we would always welcome more!

The Team



Founder and Managing Director
Design and Development

Chartered Mechanical Engineer, with 14 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer and a love for the outdoors and especially kitesurfing.  Always up for a challenge and keen to inspire the next generation into engineering and how to apply that talent to kitesurfing! Our design, structural and fluid dynamic knowledge creates the beating heart of our hydrofin design!

steve p.jpg


Steve has 25 years experience in operations and supply chain and loves to try out new ideas and has a key role to ensuring we can deliver on our commitments.



Key Support

Outgoing and adventurous, Helen oversees the process and makes sure everything is moving in the right direction, keeping everything in perspective and giving sound advice, helping out where help is needed.



Advertising and Marketing

From day 1, Katie has been here to advise on advertising and marketing, also offering up some very cool t-shirt designs.  Katie is key to creating displays for events and advertisements for magazines.  She has over 7 years marketing and 17 years design experience.




A real finance guru, with 40 years experience and a fellow of the institute of chartered accountants.  Rod is not someone we've yet to see ride out into choppy waters, like our finances, he is on solid ground! (Rod is on the right)


Entrepreneurial Spark

Enabler Award 2017

Just develop it

ENTERPRiZE Award 2018


Graduate 2019

With Special Thanks to


Kitesurfing Club based in Hayling Island

Solent Growth Hub

Shaping Portsmouth

Not forgetting

 ! All our friends and family for providing support, buying our clothes and product in the early days, crowdfunding, taking part in photo shoots, talking about what we are doing to others and important pep talks when we need it, this is a massive boost to us and we cannot thank you enough !

(Thank you Sandra for proof reading - if you find mistakes on our webpage, chances are we haven't asked her to read through it yet :) )

Local Area and Environment

The local area and environment are important to us, this is a list of other organisations in this area that we have contacted and want you to be aware that they exist:

Portsmouth City Council

Havant Council

Langstone Harbour Board

Bird Aware Solent

Eastern Coastal Solent Partnership


Southsea Coastal Scheme

Historic England

Natural England

Solent Waders and Brent Goose Strategy

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife

Solent Forum

Hayling Sewage Watch