What is Kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a water sport where you travel across the water on a board approximately 1.4m long and 0.4m wide, powered by a kite in winds from 8 knots up to 30 knots, experienced riders go out in winds far in excess of this.  They can jump over 20m and do some amazing tricks.

Can I use any kite?

The kites we use are highly engineered and incredibly robust, ask anyone how many times they have smashed a kite into the water when they are learning or trying a new trick.  The standard kite is known as a "Leading Edge Inflatable" (LEI) Delta or Hybrid kite.  These kites are bowed and are typically from 7m2 to 15m2 in size. 

Is it safe?

Despite how it looks, the RNLI classify kitesurfing as a low risk sport.  This is largely due to the amount of safety built into modern kites, plus how we are instructed and the continued commitment to the kitesurfing community to respect everyone (including non-kitesurfers) on the water and land.  Please take some time to read the RNLI website on our sport, and the BKSA.

Where do people go kitesurfing?

There are many places worldwide, we typically like to sea out shallow water lagoons, best place to start is to find your local club.

Where can I learn?

The best place to start is to find your local kitesurfing club

How long would it take me to learn?

This is dependant on the rider and the wind conditions available to you.  If you have solid / stable wind conditions all week and nice flat water, you can learn within a week.  If you are having to wait for the wind conditions to be appropriate and have limited time, it can take a year to consistently be able to ride, you will need to be patient.  This is an area we are hoping to improve on!

What equipment do I need?

A typical minimum equipment list would include 3 kites of varying sizes (2-3m separating them), equivalent bar and lines (these are matched to the kite, though one bar can be used on different kites), 2 boards, 1 harness, 1 wetsuit, impact vest and helmet.

How much does it cost to start?

If you have nothing, budget £1000 for entry level equipment and buy a second hand kite from a recommended source, talk to your local club.  Your first kite will likely take a bit of a beating.  You will only need 1 kite and 1 board to begin with.

Is there on the water etiquette?

Yes, visit here for the details:

What does Forty1 Kitesurfing hope to bring to the sport?

We want to improve the accessibility for all riders, allowing us to go out in more conditions.  Our accessories make your travel easier!

What is a hydrofoil?

A hydrofoil is an underwater wing that provides a more efficient lift meaning you need less wind to ride.

Do I need a hydrofoil to ride?

No, you would always start to ride on a "twintip" kiteboard as it is easier to learn.

What is different about your hydrofoil from existing designs?

Our hydrofoil has a short mast, specifically so you can use it in shallow waters.  It retrofits to your kiteboard, so you do not need to buy another board.  It is bi-direcitonal, so easier to learn.  The short mast makes it more portable.  Finally, by understanding and designing to accommodate the stresses in the foil, we have developed ours so it can be used out of more basic materials, i.e. no need for carbon fibre!

When will your design be ready?

We are looking to start producing an initial batch for sale by the end of summer 2018

Can I test your hydrofoil?

Absolutely, if you are based in the UK, it is easier for us to get this to you, please get in touch!

Where does the name "Forty1 Kitesurfing" come from?

It is not our age! When we looked at names, most people name kitesurfing companies after themselves.  As we are not world champions, but we did want to keep it personal, we named it after our house number, it sounded quite catchy.  As the business develops we have plans to rebrand, for the moment, however, please enjoy talking about us to your friend! :)