Ever turned up to a beautiful lagoon and the wind is just too light for you to ride?


Our Hydrofin™ enables kitesurfers to ride in lighter winds and shallower waters - more availability, more accessibility, more fun!

The current design is now out for test!


Our Design

Here are Forty1 Kitesurfing, we have developed the Hydrofin™ which is:

  • More affordable at 40% the cost

  • More portable at 10% the height

  • Retrofits onto your existing kiteboard, so you need less kit

  • Easier to learn as it is bi-directional and similar to your twin-tip

  • Able to be ridden in shallower water


Why do we love kitesurfing?

We absolutely love being outdoors, and have a real passion for the simplicity of kitesurfing, being pulled along the water simply with the power of the wind!

Have you ever turned up to a beautiful lagoons and the wind is too light? Existing hydrofoils have optimised their lift to allow you to clear any chop. This put them over 1m high, meaning shallow waters are out.


3 Hydrofoils for bi-direction

The board is setup with 3 Hydrofins™, at any one point you would be riding on 2 of the Hydrofins™, the middle one creating the primary lift with a rear one for stability and balance.

forty1 kitesurfing low profile hydrofoil hydrofin - small.jpg

Less kit, more fun!

Why buy that bigger board or even that bigger kite when you can retrofit our Hydrofin™ onto your existing kiteboard, allowing you to enjoy more conditions with less bulky kit! Let us get you out on the water more!


Extensive analysis

We have run the analysis to optimise the design performance and reliability. Running fluid analysis allows us to understand the lift and drag of the design. Performing structural analysis allows us to make the design strong enough to withstand whatever you can throw at it.


We’d love to hear from you

We love this board and we want to get it out there. Find us on the beach for a trial and let us know what you think.